PatronManager Services

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We’ve become experts in providing professional services for PatronManager users. Why? Because we’ve believed for years that PatronManager is the best system available for arts and culture organizations to sell tickets, record donations, and execute successful marketing strategies. PatronManager works well right “out of the box,” but depending on the size of your organization and the abilities of your staff, you may not be leveraging this powerful tool to its fullest potential. And while the folks at Patron Technology provide world-class training and support, sometimes you need a higher level of hands-on response, assistance, and analysis.

Having a PatronManager expert on your staff is always a good idea, but many organizations don’t have the resources to cover the salary of a qualified system administrator. That’s where we can help. Not only are we PatronManager experts who don’t fear getting their hands dirty under the hood, but our years of experience providing strategic consulting services to arts and culture organizations ensure that our premium level of support will take you far beyond the ordinary “quick fix.” Our fees are affordable, and the initial consultation is free!

System Audit

Many organizations have seen tremendous turnover in the last year due to Covid-19. Reopening and rebuilding your team should begin with an external audit of your PatronManager instance. We’ll spend a few hours reviewing your dashboards, reports, data structure, page layouts, record types, marketing integration and your public ticketing site. We’ll listen to your vision for rebuilding and give you a list of recommendations that will set you up for success. Choose what you need and one of our Certified PatMan Admins will get to work. Learn more!

Premium Support

PatronManager is about working smarter, not working harder. Once you get the training wheels off, let us show you how to really make PatronManager work for you. From advanced reports and customization, to automation and best practices, we can help you get the most out of your PatronManager system. We’re proud to be Certified PatronManager Administrators; let us be yours! Contact us for the details.

Data Migration

If you’re starting a move to PatronManager, let’s talk about your data. The quality and integrity of the data you import will have an enormous effect on how quickly and successfully you use the system. Preparing your data to PatronManager’s standards is a huge job to take on in-house, but we can help. Contact us for an estimate.

Data Analysis

We can guarantee that you’re leaving money on the table. Now that you’ve been using PatronManager to manage your organization, what is your data really telling you? And what should you do about it? We’ll explore your data and provide a list of key performance indicators that you should be watching. Then, we’ll identify and help implement strategies you can use to maximize revenue and save time. Ask us how!