At last! It’s opening night!

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At last! It’s opening night!

At last! It’s opening night! 1348 768 NeverDark

We know how you feel–all that work and effort that goes into promoting yourself sometimes gets lost in the effort to actually do what you say you do. I remember from my days in community theater, so much time and effort was put into the actual production of the show–the staging, sets, lighting–that we’d forget to put an equal amount of effort into telling people about it. Many an opening night came and went without the critics, or the opening night food and drink, or much of a paid audience except for friends and family of the cast and production team.

And that’s how it has felt around here for the past year or so. We at NeverDark have been so busy wooing and serving our clients that we’ve done almost nothing to promote ourselves beyond word-of-mouth (which, as we all know, is the best promotion you can ask for). I’d like to blame this on my good friends at Patron Technology; after all, they’re the reason we haven’t had time to self-promote. But if I blame them for that, I also have to give them all the credit for referring so many new clients to us in the first place. Without their faith in our work, we might have a great website, but we sure wouldn’t have the clients and colleagues we have now. So thanks, guys!

Speaking of Patron Technology, we’re spending the rest of the week at the annual PatronManager Community Meeting in New York City. This is my favorite conference of the year, not only because it serves as a testament to the power of the PatronManager CRM, but also because it gives me fantastic ideas to help all of you leverage CRM principles throughout your organization.

While I’m there, I hope you’ll spend some time looking around the site and learning more about all the things we can do to help your organization grow. What started as a one-man band has expanded into a combo that is well on its way to becoming a full swing band or symphony orchestra. We spend time each day combing the Internet for helpful advice that we want to share with you, so please check out our blog, Spotlight. You can get all the latest posts via our RSS feed (subscribe to, our monthly newsletter (the box on the right), or via your favorite social media platform (links at the top). And of course we welcome your feedback on the site.

I also want to thank the rest of my NeverDark team for being there in times of famine and feast. Now that we’re getting ready to build, I look forward to having more clients and giving you more satisfaction in helping the kinds of organizations that are central to our lives and culture.

And thanks to all the folks we work with each and every day. You’re the reason we do this, and your continued success gives us more joy than we can express.

So places, everyone! Curtain in 5, 4, 3, 2…